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What are digital heat transfers?

We print your artwork onto super thin vinyl, cut around the design, and weed away the excess material. Our system outputs incredibly vivid, high-resolution prints- even with photos and full-color images! We then add a transparent masking sheet over the top of the transfer for easy application. Your transfers arrive ready to press!

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Digital Heat Transfer Shipping.png
Heat Press.png
Digital Heat Transfer Sample 2.png

We print
your design in vivid full-color detail and contour-cut the transfers.

We ship
your order via FREE* FedEx 2-Day shipping.
*Free shipping on 75 pieces or more

You press
the transfers onto the garment of your choice using a heat press (not an iron).

That's it.
Easy, right?

How do I know if my design will work?


Short answer - any design will work! If you can print your design onto a piece of paper, we can turn it into a digital heat transfer. Since our digital heat transfers are printed onto a thin vinyl substrate, there will be a background behind and around the outside of your design. Think of it like a die-cut sticker. We offer an industry-leading 49 colors to choose from for your background. If you can't decide, most customers choose a white background.

MOCKUP Example.png

You Choose
the background color while placing your order.

You review
an online mockup of the transfer complete with background color and cut line.

Stretchable Heat Transfer.png

How do digital heat transfers compare to screen printing?

Digital heat transfers beat screen printing in a few ways. First of all, there is no minimum order- you can even order one transfer! Secondly, digital heat transfers are not limited by the number of colors in a design. This is high-resolution CMYK printing at it's finest. Also, these transfers are very stretchable. Apply them to athletic gear with confidence. And best of all, you can press digital heat transfers in places you wouldn't dream to screen print! Think bags, pockets, sleeves, hats and more! Expand your business by simply telling your customer YES.

How to apply heat transfers
Washer & Dryer

Care & Wash Instructions

* Wait 24 hours before first wash.

* Do not Dry Clean, use OXI, Chlorine Bleach, or liquid fabric softener.

* Turn garment inside out before washing.

* Use mild detergent.

* Machine was Cold or Warm.

* Drying temperature - Low/Normal.

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